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The RV Security Solution

Securing an RV with a security system has always had two major hurdles; the first being powering the security system without draining the RV batteries, the second was how it can communicate in the event of an activation. All Secure RV has solved both of these issues by offering a new system that is self powered, and has a built cell module allowing it to communicate to your cell phone through our server anywhere AT&T has cell coverage anywhere in the U.S.!

Our system cannot drain your RV batteries because it is not tied in to your house batteries at all. Our unique system comes with four specially made D cell lithium batteries powering your system with an average life of over 4 years of light usage, 2 years of heavy activation usage, after which time they are user replaceable. The other advantage of being self-powered is that there are NO wires to run! This is a very simple self-installation. Simply mount the main panel to the RV. This can be either with double stick tape, or screwed the a wall. The same is true for the video taking motion detector. You arm and disarm the system with a key fob, just like the one used for car alarms. We will program the devices for you into the panel prior to shipment so there will be no programming for you to do either!

In the event of an intrusion the following will happen:

• A siren will go off in the RV from the panel
• Your activated motion detector will take a 10 second video clip of your RV interior showing who activated your system.
• Your panel will forward to your phone a text alert, along with the video clip. You can call local police or take whatever action you deem appropriate. Your video can be forwarded to the police for identification.

The RV Security Solution Part 1

Hardware Price: $1895
The RV Security System includes base unit, one motion camera, and one remote arming key fob all pre-programmed for you.


The RV Solution Part II-Monitoring

Text alerts of any activation, plus 10 second video clip of intrusion sent directly to your cell phone, any time your RV is in a GSM cell area.

Monitoring Price: $54.95 per month, with 12 month agreement.

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