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Home Security System Design

At All Secure Alarm Company, experience is our strong suit. Our home security management team has overseen the protection of over 10,000 families and businesses with quality security systems in San Diego over the past 28 years. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your burglar alarm needs will be listened to, and a home security system will be personally designed for you and your home security needs. Rest assured knowing that once your home security system is installed, you will sleep easy. All Secure Alarm Company is committed to customer satisfaction.
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Honeywell Home Security

DSC Home Security

Home Security Burglar Equipment Installed

At All Secure Alarm Company, we use the burglar security system that will be best suited for your home. We can determine the right home security system for you only after a personal, no obligation, site survey. No one can tell you exactly what will fit you and your home security needs without seeing first-hand what your burglar alarm needs are. The two primary manufacturers of burglar alarms we use are Honeywell and DSC. Advantage, All Secure.

Quality Installation

All Secure IQ CertificationAt All Secure Alarm Company, we know there are a lot of home security companies out there that unfortunately use minimally trained burglar alarm installers. Very few home security companies take the time or spend the money to send their burglar alarm installers to the National Training School for Alarm Technicians to get Nationally Certified. We do. This is the industry standard for quality home security companies recognized by the National Installation Quality Review Board. If a home security burglar alarm company you are considering is not IQ Certified, it is because they did not qualify for, or care enough to become certified.
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Life-Time Warranty

At All Secure Alarm Company, we include a Life-Time Warranty on all home security burglar alarm systems we install, as long as you are actively being monitored through us and you are current with your billing.
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*Terms and Conditions available upon request.

Pricing of Burglar Alarm Equipment and Home Security Monitoring Services

Home Security Burglar AlarmBecause we are not a 'One Size Fits All' burglar alarm company, and we design a home security system personally for you, we cannot give you a pat answer. However, you will get a very good idea by using our Home Security Protection Packages found on our Burglary Page. It is simple for us to modify the Home Security Package to fit your needs with a no obligation home security visit. Simply fill out our Contact Form, or give us a call. Emergency Next Day Installation requests are usually accommodated.
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Price Protection Policy

Please fill out our Contact Form or give us a call to schedule your free home security survey.

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